The Helpful Podcast Method

A three-part system to help you create a podcast that reaches the people you’re here to help.


The Podcast Canvas is the foundation of your podcast, and helps you create strategies for sustainable production and promotion.

This will help you

  • Build a listener persona
  • Name and position your show in a crowded market
  • Create a structure for your episodes that’s easy to follow but doesn’t sound repetitive
  • Pick the gear and the software you need to sound great
  • Find music that compliments your tone of voice and echoes your brand
  • Create a template you can pass to an editor
  • Make a compelling trailer
  • Choose a reliable platform to host your content
  • Distribute your show to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.


Your people don’t pay to work with you because they enjoy your company – that’s just an added bonus! They work with you because they value your expertise, and they believe you can provide the transformation they need.

Your podcast needs to provide the same value. A helpful podcast isn’t simply a series of stories and insights, but a collection of solutions to real problems your audience is facing.

Each episode of a Helpful Podcast starts with a simple premise: a problem the listener is struggling with, or a question they’re asking. Crucially that problem needs to be expressed in the language the audience uses, and be clear and concise.

The second element of the Helpful Podcast Framework is the Episode Copilot. It’s a checklist and guide you bring with you to each episode recording. It helps you

  • Research and prep your interviews
  • Run through preflight checks to make sure everyone’s audio sounds great
  • Deal with technical difficulties as they arise
  • Make your guests feel at ease
  • Craft compelling interviews using a simple three-act structure
  • Record an attention-grabbing intro
  • Invite your listeners to work with you to go deeper


If you only had 15 minutes a day to spend growing your podcast, what would you do?

  • Get noticed by your ideal listener
  • Book your next podcast appearance
  • Write a helpful LinkedIn post to promote your latest episode
  • Invite 5 people in your network to check out an episode you made with them in mind

By spending only 15 minutes a day, it encourages us to focus on the work that’ll have the most impact. Usually that means doing the stuff that feels like it might not scale. But over time, this outreach activity snowballs – we build new relationships and contribute to the spaces our listeners hang out.