Use AI to Improve Your Output and Your Workflow – A No-hype Discussion

What AI tools can you use today to level-up your podcast, or save you some valuable time?

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Who among us doesn’t want to save time while improving the quality of their output? Can AI make that possible?

Join me for a free Zoom workshop where we’ll discuss the practical uses of AI in podcasting. We’ll cover how AI can help you write better show notes, freeing up your valuable time to focus on what you do best.

We’ll also delve into the exciting world of AI art – exploring how this emerging technology can be used to create interesting visuals and graphics for your podcast or social media channels.

Of course, we’ll touch on the ethics of AI and the legal pitfalls you need to be aware of when using this technology. This is a hype-free zone, where we’ll all get to share the tools we’re using right now.

So, if you have questions about AI and how it can help you save time and up your podcasting game, join me for this free event.

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