Let's Set an Intention in January

Join us on January 11th for our first meetup.

January’s a great time to start thinking about your podcast.

  • What do you want from it?
  • What’s it missing?
  • What’s bringing you joy?
  • What’s zapping your energy?

In the first of our monthly meetups, we’ll look at setting an intention for our podcasts in 2023. Then in the intervening months, we can support each-other along our journeys.

Whether you’re just stepping out with your podcast, or it feels like an old familiar pair of slippers, this is an opportunity to ask yourself “what do I want from my podcast?” and actually get it!

What to expect

It’ll be a friendly and open discussion. No sales pitch or PowerPoint. You’ll chat to Mark and the other attendees, and together work through a few questions to help you get clarity on your podcasting goals for 2023.