How to Keep Your Podcast Afloat in Tough Economic Times

Everything costs a million pounds right now. We’re all tightening our belts, working hard, and feeling the pinch. If your podcast isn’t making you money right now, it might feel like a luxury you can ill afford.

It might feel like a luxury to keep your podcast running during tough economic times, especially if it isn’t making you any money. However, I want to show you why recommitting and reinvesting your time and energy into your podcast could be the best thing you do for your business in 2023. And it needn’t cost you any money… in fact, it might save you some.

Make your podcast the value centre of your business

This means that everything you do should be in service of one problem or question that your listener is dealing with. Specificity is key. The more specific you are, the more valuable your podcast becomes to your listeners. Each episode should address a question or problem that your listener is faced with. Your whole week’s worth of content, your social posts, everything, can be based on that one question which you address in your episode.

If you want more detail on how to do this, check out my free Calmer Content Marketing ebook.

The intersection between utility and personality

With your podcast, you’re showing that you can solve a problem (that’s the utility part) and then we’re learning what spending time with you feels like (that’s the personality bit). If you’re a coach or a consultant, this is crucial.

Put more power into your call to action

Make it intentional and invite your listeners to take that next logical step, to get more value from the relationship.

Managing your time and avoiding burnout

Think about what you can outsource and what AI can help with. Look at what existing offerings that we have around AI, that can make your life so much easier by taking away some of that slightly repetitive work.

If you’re paying for lots of different disparate services, look to consolidate. Your podcast can be a revenue driver.

Now is the time to invest in your podcast

People need you now more than ever. Your podcast can be generative, and not simply a nice-to-have. So, make it specific and make it work for you.

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Mark Steadman

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