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5th June 2023

Using Email to Grow and Connect With Your Audience

When you’re looking around for new listeners, how much time do you spend thinking about the people who are already in contact with you? Let's look at how we can grow your podcast audience via your mailing list, what to do if you don’t have a big list, and how to use email to deepen the relationship with the listener once they’re following the show.

15th May 2023

Stop Trying to Design Your Own Podcast Artwork

Your artwork is the first thing new listeners see, and if they like what they hear, it’ll take up permanent residence on their phones. Getting stand-out artwork for your show might not be as expensive or fraught a process as you think, and it could mean the difference between someone hitting Play, and scrolling straight past.

1st May 2023

One Small Tweak Will Bring Your Listener Closer to You

There are three elements of trust: positive relationships, expertise, and consistency. We can show up each week and share our knowledge and insight, but I hear so many podcasters hold their listener at arm’s length, and most of them don’t know they’re doing it. The good news is there’s a really simple fix.

24th April 2023

Stop Interviewing People on Your Podcast – Do This Instead

There are three ways to stand out: be new, be better, or be louder. Being better takes time and is subjective. Being louder just means spending more money on marketing than the next person. Being new doesn’t mean starting from episode one – it could just be about being the first to do something differently.